Reporting reporting verbs

English grammar - Reporting verbs - There's an example in milad999's comment on our wh-clauses page, plus an explanation of it in Peter's answer just below. Reporting verbs are used to report what someone said more accurately than using say & tell. verb + infinitive agree, decide, offer, promise, refuse, threaten.

Reporting verbs Learning English Cambridge English In academic writing (and to a lesser extent, academic speaking) it will often be necessary to refer to the research of others and to report on their findings. Practise using reporting verbs such as threaten, deny and advise. Read the sentences and choose the correct part of speech to follow the reporting verb.

Paragraphs Reporting verbs for introducing authors In order to do so, we have to use reporting verbs such as Evans (1994) suggests that....; Brown (2001) argues that.... Paragraphs Reporting verbs for introducing authors. In academic writing, you will need to refer to the research of others and incorporate this information.

Reporting verbs University of Technology Sydney The difficulty with using reporting verbs is that there are many different verbs, and each of them has slhtly different, and often subtle shade of meaning. Part 1 Advanced ways to show your attitude; Part 2 Your "writer's" voice; The grammar of reporting verbs; For more help. Academic writing requires you to use.


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