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Craslist raleh / durham / CH jobs, I cannot understand why there is any need to reform alphabets, be it cryllic or Greek or Japanese! I know Russian and the alphabet is simple and much more efficient than the English alphabet. What is the reason for all this when those alphabets work perfectly well? Craslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events

English Language Development Standards - One can argue that a single alphabet would be easier for everyone to learn than multiple alphabets. Web page for those interested in following the alnment of English language development ELD standards with current English language arts standards.

List of writing systems - pedia The Roman alphabet is favored by our computerized society because the people who first developed and used a lot of computer technology were English speaking—and so they desned computers to use the Roman alphabet, with support for other alphabets being an afterthought. This is a list of writing systems or scripts, classified according to some common distinguishing. 8.3 Alternative alphabets; 8.4 Fictional writing systems; 8.5 For animal use. Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian, Germanic languages English, Dutch, German, ic languages, Finnish, Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino.

Constructed script - pedia Today, things like multiple code pages and Unicode provide much better support for other alphabets, but the Roman alphabet still is more widely supported than anything else. A constructed script is a new writing system specifiy created by an individual or . Some, such as the Shavian alphabet, Quikscript, Alphabet 26, and the Deseret alphabet, were devised as English spelling reforms. Others, including.

Craslist raleh / durham / CH jobs,
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